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Everyone loves my vinegar chicken recipe, so I decided to feature a recipe with it! Today’s post is on what I decided to make for lunch, Fajitas!

1. Mise En Place


2. These are the two basic ingredients for my Vinegar Chicken. The sazon is a MUST for this recipe.


3. Season the chicken well with the sazon, onion powder, garlic powder, salt & pepper.


4. Heat up some oil & add the chicken, once cooked (cooks quickly) add the onions & peppers! Once that softens, add a splash of vinegar & cover (do not stir, just lower the heat immediately)


5. I toasted the tortillas with a little butter on a sauté pan & then filled them with chicken, cheddar cheese, & lettuce!


Delicious!! Enjoy!


*All measurements are not 100% accurate. I’m very casual when I cook and eye-ball everything. The measurements listed are all based on my own assumptions, except when referring to a dessert or drink recipe.

*All pictures shared on this blog belong to me; if not, credit will be given when it’s due. If I upload a photo that I found online, with no credit, and it belongs to you..please email me ASAP and I will happily give you the credit you deserve.