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Yeah, soooo, about that cake I was going to make for my brother…it was a DISASTER.

I got home Thursday, around 5:30 and threw my purse down and began measuring ingredients. By this time, there were already some guests in my house & the kitchen was being occupied by my neighbor and mom who were finishing cooking. I quickly made the batter and ran to one of my neighbor’s apartments to bake the cake. The cake baked within the next 30 minutes or so and looked great! I thought, “hmm, maybe I’m stressing for no reason and everything will go great“, WRONG. I was scared that if the cakes cooled in the pan, they’d stick, so my neighbor helped me take one cake out. It cracked, but we managed to keep it together on the cake stand. We decided to not touch the second cake and let it fully cool. Once cooled, we removed it and stacked it on top, with a layer of vanilla buttercream in the middle. I did the crumb coat on the cake and then put it in the fridge to set. Then this is where the madness happened. I tried making another batch of buttercream, without measuring, and it was NOT working. The buttercream was so grainy! Ew! However, I still attempted to put it on the cake. The cake was looking worse, and worse, and worse. I ended up leaving the cake on my neighbor’s table, and going with her son to buy an ice-cream cake at Baskin Robins. I was so upset that the cake did NOT work out. I even cried over it. Everyone told me not to stress, and that at least I tried – but I was more upset with myself, for not being able to execute it properly & wasting two hours on a cake that was a FAIL.

If you have any decorating tips, buttercream recipes, and cake recipes, that are for sure WINS and not FAILS..let me know so I can continue to practice and not experience this misery AGAIN.